Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Most of us dream of a future where our most mundane tasks are handled by artificial intelligence, but there’s a chance we may still have a while for that. Why, you ask? Just take a look at these top ten times artificial intelligence has gone off course – and you should have your answer!

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10. The D-Student Bot
9. The Boy Fighting Bot
8. Bested by Comics
7. The Racist Beauty Judge
6. Losing to a Human
5. Beyond Coding
4. The Racist Prophet
3. The Failbook AI
2. Tesla’s Autopilot
1. Tay the Nazi Chatbot


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  1. So basically the Calamity Ganon infected the K5 bot too? I guess it does have many similarities to the Sheikah Guardians, perhaps he mistook K5 for a Guardian! … I need to get a life…

  2. Regarding the beauty judging, it is entirely possible that it was working perfectly and it just so happened that the most beautiful peeps happened to have pale skin at that time.

    • …Or, it could be that white women are the most attractive. It’s already proven culturally. Now there’s science to back it up too. Slavic white women are the best standard of beauty.

    • Yeah what if it just so happens that the majority of the beautiful people it sifted through had lighter skin, not everything is racism.

    • What? It’s not being racist.. What if at some point there was a beauty contest and for some reason the darker skinned people that entered were basically just uglier than the others on the whole?

      They should have used to for more than one event to see if it was a problem. You can’t use a single contest as a decent way of prooving it works or it doesnt work.

  3. Regarding AlphaGo. They modified how it builds is neural networks and is now undefeated after over 80 matches against the greatest players in the world. One could say they worked out the kinks…

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