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Crowdfunding is always a gamble, as these ill fated games have proven. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 FAILED Kickstarter Games!

#10. “Aura Tactics” (TBA)
#9. “Rival Threads Last Class Heroes” (TBA)
#8. “Unwritten That Which Happened” (TBA)
#7. “Moon Rift” (TBA)
#6. “Unsung Story” (TBA)
#5. “Shadow of the Eternals” (TBA)
#4. “Godus” (2013)
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. I don’t get it, I’ve lied to my Girlfriend once in our relationship and she has never really trusted me again but people still fall for Peter Molyneux’s pitches and keep giving him money for some reason!! Wtf

    • Molyneux makes big promises. I never heard the man speak myself, so I can’t say how he sounds.
      AFTER HEARING HIM SPEAK: I’d say he’s got that kinda voice that can easily sucker people into believing him.

  2. The Stomping Land is literally the same thing as Ark Survival Evolved, but with worse graphics and all primitive

  3. Stuff like this can be difficult to trust. My favorite game of all time was kickstarted and I still don’t know if I would have backed it if I was the kind of person who looked at kickstarter projects.

  4. Midora – The creator lied about the status of the game’s production which wasn’t even 30 seconds worth of game developed, lied about the amount of money needed knowing they would need at LEAST double, disappeared for a year, reappeared to attack the community who was rightfully mad calling them “toxic”, disappeared again for a year, promised refunds after the truth came out all over gaming news sites, disappeared again until he got tracked down on his personal social media, then came back to promise refunds and went radio silent again.

  5. Watch Mojo sure does like to make videos eerily similar to Guru Larry’s mere weeks after he releases his. I’d ask you to be original, but who am I kidding, this is Watch Mojo. A cesspool of mediocrity and copied ideas.

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