Top 10 Best Stealth Game Franchises

Which are the best video game series & franchises that feature the best sneaking, stalking and stealth? What are the games that make you feel like a covert assassin and a silent ninja? Which make you feel like a stealthy hitman and a dead shot sniper? Well is about to help you find out, ‘cuz we’re counting down the Top 10 Stealth Franchises!

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00:29 #10: The Chronicles of Riddick
01:09 #9: Assassin’s Creed
02:02 #8: Sly Cooper
02:43 #7: Dishonored
03:26 #6: Thief
04:06 #5: Batman: Arkham
04:45 #4: Deus Ex
05:29 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Holy shit, Metal Gear fanboys everywhere. What’s with weeaboo Japanese
    media that makes people obsess and fanboy over it so hard that they make
    their name and picture relevant to it, and that they are so close minded
    they can’t even see the truth?

  2. Thief should be number 1. Nothing surpasses it in the slightest. Number
    6… what a joke. Metal Gear isn’t even wrothy of being called fucking
    stealth. How can it?! The second game ends in a massive fucking fight with
    a gigantic robot! To call those games stealth, and then to say it invented
    it is ignorance. Metal Gear is a joke. Also, Deus Ex should be second. The
    fact that the first game isn’t even stealth focussed yet has better stealth
    than Metal Gear really shows how much of a joke that series is. And really?
    Dishonored 2? Piss the fuck off. You can’t even hear your bloody footsteps
    in that game.

  3. i was about to say….if Sly cooper, and dishonored weren’t on here i was
    gonna snap lol but i think splinter cell is on par with metal gear, they
    both have their pros and cons

  4. everyone knows what number 3, 2 and 1 are going to be. it just sucks that
    splinter cell was number 2 instead of 1

  5. I knew those would be the time 3, wasn’t sure of the order tho.. Altho, had
    my money on metal gear being first

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