Welcome to Top10Archive! In our prior installment of 10 perfectly timed photos, we focused mostly on snapshots that people could be proud of… but we realized there is an entire market out there for perfectly timed sports photos that are just plain awkward and humiliating. So, we’re back with 10 awkwardly timed sports photos!

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10. Bat to the Face
9. Head First
8. I’ve Made a Terrible Mistake!
7. Face Full of Ball
6. I Won?
5. Get Your Dive Face On
4. One for the Guys
3. One for the Ladies
2. I’ve Almost Got It!
1. Hole in One


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  1. people complaining about a picture with a word “censored” on it are so
    hilarious. Relax people it’s just a picture -_-

    • I know, “clickbait” sucks.. Sadly, our views would just go lower and lower
      because of how YouTube’s algorithm works (99% of creators on YouTube are
      having this problem right now). People are 4 times more likely to click a
      thumbnail like this video, rather than a generic thumbnail. With that said,
      it’s not really “clickbait”. Clickbait refers to an image that is
      completely misleading and has nothing to do with the video. Our thumbnail
      had everything to do with our video, it described the topic of the video
      clearly.. Obviously, the picture wasn’t in the video, but that doesn’t
      technically make it “clickbait”. If you want to look at a bunch of naked
      girls, YouTube isn’t the place to do it.. Google is much better 😉 And.. a
      lot quicker. There’s no point in watching a 6-minute video of ours to find
      1 picture.. With that 6 minutes, you can look at 100’s of pictures on

  2. So, a ‘pleasing’ picture for ‘gentlemen’ is a shot of a woman’s ass, but
    for ladies, it’s two football players in a ‘suggestive’ position. Yeah,
    that doesn’t send the wrong message at all. /s

  3. Everybody keeps talking about clickbait ….. but did you really think they
    would have PORN on their channel. Come on use your brains people…. just
    enjoy the damn video god.

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