Top 10 Times Piers Morgan Went Too Far
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He’s one of Britain’s most controversial celebrities, and he’s often overstepped the mark. For this list, we’re counting down Piers Morgan’s most infamous moments, from heated arguments on live TV to social media scandals. And he’s clashed with a lot of celebs in his time… From Susan Sarandon to Jeremy Clarkson, Rebekah Vardy, Ariana Grande, Madonna, Stan Collymore and Ian Hislop, there’s a long list of people who Piers has annoyed, angered or incensed.

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10. Calling Rebekah Vardy a WAG
9. Body-Shaming Susan Sarandon
8. Getting Punched by Jeremy Clarkson
7. Breaking the News Embargo on BBC Wage Bills
6. Shouting Down the Gender Debate
5. Making a Mum Cry
4. Telling Men to Man Up
3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. He’s a complete bellend. Occasionally he makes a valid point (as with the Susan Sarandon thing which, as is increasingly common these days, was taken out of context), but the rest of the time he’s an overly-smug, loud, obnoxious bellend.

  2. I detest Piers Morgan. He needs to keep his sexist racist body shaming transphobic opinions to himself.
    He has this awful habit of talking over his guests, especially the women, and he doesn’t give a shit about their opinions or their mental health, thinking he’s always right. Ugh, he makes me sick! The only thing I agree with him on is gun control…and one right can’t undo all the wrongs he’s racked up with that mouth of his.

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