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EIGHT Women Accuse MORGAN FREEMAN of Sexual Harassment – The CineFiles Ep. 73
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Superhero villains, Former President and First Lady and sexual harassment allegations are the three big stories that make up The CineFiles this week. A-lister Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to star alongside Tom Holland in the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming as the villain, Mysterio! Former POTUS Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have signed a major, multiyear deal with Netflix to produce original content including movies, TV shows and documentaries. And finally, the world gasped when the iconic actor Morgan Freeman became the latest Hollywood star to be accused of sexual harassment. Eight women came forward claiming to be his victims. This is the latest edition of The CineFiles, where we count down to week’s biggest news in cinema.

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  1. Fight me all you want. But after a certain amount of time you shouldn’t be able to accuse people off doing something wrong. You gotta go forward right as they did it.

  2. When a celeb becomes too OP (and yes… I mean Overpowered)’ll see the sex allegations pour in…If they started accusing R.Downey Jr or The Rock or Will Smith…don’t be surprised, of course though there are cases where it’s actually true and those people deserve punishment.

  3. I mean considering the guys age I kinda don’t blame him for steering up some controversy before death

  4. Women are full of shit, the reason these women are accusing him of sexual harassment is becuase morgan freeman is a very rich man. And thses women will do anything to gain money or power, even if it means lying, killing or throwing there husbands or own children under the bus. Fucking disgraceful cunts

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