Top 10 Times Superman Was a D*ck
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Superman; The Man of Steel; The Big Blue Boyscout. He’s all of these things… but sometimes, he can be kind of a dick. For this list, we’re looking at instances when the Supes was way off-base. We’re counting instances that happened in an imaginary story or due to outside circumstances, as well as times when Supes was just being jerky.

List Rank and Entries
#10: When He Used Mind Games to Test Supergirl
#9: When He Made Out With Mr. Miracle’s Wife
#8: When He Acted Like Judge and Jury
#7: When He Waged War on Cars
#6: When He Made Out With Another Woman – On Lois Lane’s Grave
#5: When He Tried to Destroy All Tenements
#4: When He Killed Green Arrow and Shazam
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. Or that time when he gave no shit about people’s safety while fighting Zod in Metropolis and let people die to look cool, meaning while they were fighting in Metropolis, Zod pushed an oil truck at him and he just jumped over it and let it slam into a building so he could look cool with an explosion in the background when there were people in that building that just got killed because of it. Another example of him giving no shit about people’s safety was when he slammed Zod’s head into a bunch of people that had people in them and all the buildings collapsed and people died. Other times when he was being a dick include when he actually tried to murder Lois, when he called me Bruce right in front of Joker, he tweeted the whole world my secret identity(super dick move there), broke wonder woman’s hands and strangled her with her own lasso, just punched her in the back of the head knocking her out, and probably most importantly, he brought up Martha.

  2. Seriously… I keep seeing all these vids against superman….hardly ever any of batman, maybe because there afraid of the fans?
    Sup’s an iconic and good hearted hero…getting so much crap just cause he gets written so badly so often.

  3. So they included that shouldn’t bea time he was mind controlled, seriously?
    And leave out that in kingdom come that he locked up the out of control anti hero’s and villains after one of their fight nuked Kansas and other battles were catching civilians in the ceasefire and no one else could stop them. A cover?
    And a whole bunch of silver age incidents .. That’s pretty much expected. The silver age deserves it’s own list.

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