Top 10 Ridiculous Alex Jones Moments
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Who ordered the Satanist New World Order with a side of general conspiracy theories? From Pizzagate, to government-controlled weather, to the insane Piers Morgan debate, Alex Jones is seriously… interesting. WatchMojo counts down ten ridiculous Alex Jones moments.

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#10: Pizzagate
#9: “Machete” Race Wars
#8: Government-Controlled Weather
#7: Satanists Taking Over America
#6: Piers Morgan Debate
#5: Joker Cosplay
#4: Goblins
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Gotta love when he assured us they’d come for the guns then put us in camps, he had “the documents”that proved it. Then it didn’t happen… one even tried to take the guns…let alone camps 😂😂😂
    But he’s seen the documents….what happened Alex?

  2. If I am not miss remembering, there can’t be gay frogs because in Jurassic Park they had frog DNA which made a select few male so they could reproduce.

  3. 0ver 700 triggered cuck losers…..they love moronic liars as long as they promote sexism/racism as well

  4. Has anyone heard of the boy who cries wolf. Well that is Alex Jones because he has cried wolf so many times that when he finds something legit people won’t listen. Meanwhile the wolf feasts.

  5. I would actually be okay with Alex Jones if he didn’t fucking yell to get his point across. If he actually had a sensible discussion with others I’d be alright even with his bullshit theories.

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