Top 10 Scary Underground Cities That Still Exist
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It’s hard to imagine but almost every major city in the world has a network of tunnels located directly underneath them and their secrets are just waiting to be uncovered. Most of these underground cities were built for a very specific purpose. Some cities built them in case of nuclear fallout while others used them as a wartime bunker or during prohibition. Whatever the case may be, these underground cities all have a deep history and I’m here to uncover the mystery that lies beneath these underground cities.

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  1. There was a story about the cops finding a a lounge, restaurant and a small theater in the Paris catacombs, with power and running. They found one note that said “Do not try to find us”.
    That has always creeped me out.

  2. The tunnels under the pyramids, if truly the size of a city, likely served two functions. Cool storage for food stores, and cool living areas for the higher classes to escape the Egyptian heat without having to deal with so many crocodiles in the Nile River.

  3. It’s EDINBURGH and not EDINBURGO because EDINBURGO doesn’t exist and the other is the Paris CATACOOMBS

  4. I went into the Shanghai tunnels and learned the backstory. They’re pretty haunted. But, of course, nothing happened bc creepy/paranormal stuff never happens to me when I go to haunted places.
    Fun fact-A guy sold 50 corpses to a captain, and the only reason he got away with this was bc often the men would look dead and sometimes be dead when they were sold. I laughed at this so hard.

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