Top 10 Scary Pieces Of Evidence That Alternate Realities Exist – Part 2
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So based on part 1 of this video, we all seem to really want to believe in alternate realities existing or at least enjoy learning about the possibility. I wonder what the other versions of me in other realities are doing right now. Are they hosting the alternate version of top 10 are they doing a better job than me? Ill probably never know and thankfully neither will you guys. But anyway this is the Top 10 Scary Pieces of Evidence That Alternate Realities Exist – Part 2.

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  1. Thank you guys for uploading a video videos birthday! It makes the day better! I love you guys!😊❤

  2. About the doppelgängers, I seem to have more than one. I’ve had a few people in my lifetime tell me that I look familiar to them. Or they stumbled upon “my” profile on Facebook.

  3. i love the creepypasta about the stairs in the woods, stories from a park ranger i believe :3

  4. Sometimes ill be doing something and it will click in my mind and i remember doing the exact thing before even though ive never done it

  5. Silly , but I wonder in all those countess alternative realities, Do superhero’s actually exist in one of them.

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