Top 10 Scary Plants That Actually Exist
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I know everyone here knows about the Venus fly trap. Its your pretty standard carnivorous plant and it has been exaggerated in all sorts of different ways in movies and TV. Well there’s other carnivorous plants and a whole bunch of weird poisonous, deadly, diarrhea inducing foliage out there and I feel like you should know about it so I put together today’s list of top 10 scary Plants that actually exist!

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  1. Wait… we have pitcher plants here?!! Damn it i could’ve used it for those pesky rats!

  2. Like the new host. Message from this episode: unless you are Les Stroud, don’t eat anything growing in nature

  3. Yo I actually learned things today I learned to be paranoid and not go outside outside and not eat seafood…and beef

  4. Part two please.?? I am sure there are other deadly plants you have not covered yet.?

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