Top 10 Scary Plants That Actually Exist – Part 2
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Well look at us back looking for some horrible things that just grow out of the ground. You guys clearly loved the first video because it was getting some major views. It is a pretty helpful list, you don’t want to end up like the soldier who used a leaf from the suicide plant as toilet paper and then, well commit suicide. Too keep our education going about plants that are always trying to hurt you, I put together today’s list of top 10 scary plants that actually exist part 2.

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  1. i been workin on growing stuff in MY yard, but the dam squirrels think that everything i do, MUST b for THEM… i’ve created abuncha MONSTERS over here!! … 😳 #SquirrelyBrigade – #PeanutButterHouse 🌲🏡🌲

  2. I know I’m late, but great video!!!! Che, you are tied with Rebecca for my favorite host!!!!

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