Top 10 Scary Chernobyl Theories
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I don’t know if you guys have watched the new Chernobyl series on HBO but it is seriously worth the watch comrade. Its honestly some of the best TV I’ve ever seen and its definitely a huge inspiration for today’s list. It wasn’t until watching the show that I new how many crazy things were going on behind the scenes. And now that a little more of the facts have been uncovered I’m going to dive into some things that may be facts or might just be ramblings of some crazy guy on the internet with today’s list of top 10 scary Chernobyl theories.

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  1. Cool video. Fallout: New Vegas rocks all. Thinking about all this radiation stuff, I would like to share I have not had a smoke since Wednesday. Woohoo hooray for me

  2. Nice, making mental health the punchline of your joke… I find that offensive, especially now that mental health cases are on the rise.

  3. We can neither confirm or deny any of these statements but anyone who is caught talking as such shall be arrested and sent to the gulag without trial and will be held an enemy of the state.

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