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Top 10 People Who Have Seen Heck

I know a few celebrities I want to meet, a few of my favourite musicians – I’ve got a mental list but one person who is not on there – is the devil. Wether or not you believe in the devil, there are many people through history that not only believe in the devil – they claim they’ve met him – and have sometimes done dark deals that have become the stuff of legend. Here are 10 of the most famous. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Real Life Devil Encounters.

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  1. Panini or whatever his name is the violinist I’m pretty sure he’s a vampire so I just think that schizophrenia was not diagnosed back then and on top of that anything that was magical was consider the devil or evil

  2. Great stuff. The story bout the blues dude resonated cos u said he does @ 27. The 27 Club! Then my mind wandered to conspiracy theory. I think Shane Dawson conspiracy vids see some that I had watched. Showing interviews with performers and some very much alluding to suddenly becoming famous to a deal they had done. I immediately blamed the government but u never know.

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