Top 10 Nightmares That Became Real Stories
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Sharon Kay Penman once said -During the day, memories could be held at bay, but at night, dreams became the devil’s own accomplices- … an interesting thought, but what if dreams and nightmares aren’t only confined to when you fall asleep. What if they can happen in real life? What if nightmares are warnings of things yet to come? Perhaps you’ve had an experience where a nightmare has come true – well, these people on Reddit shared their experiences of when it happened to them – once I started reading them, I really couldn’t stop, here are the very best, my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Nightmares That Became Real Stories.

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  1. My dad dream predicts a lot. One time he dreamed a tree fell on the house and a few days later, another time he dreamed that someone punched out a certain window and then they did, he then dreamed that there was an earthquake in our area (we live in a Eastern Kentucky so that is very rare) and then this happened a few towns over (about 15 mins from my house), and a couple weeks ago he dreamed about cars in Africa and then the next day he had an Uber driver that was from Africa. When he ask him what the main African industry was he said that the car industry was popular and answered all of the things my dad was wondering in the dream.

  2. I have surreal dreams where they are themed around things about to happen but aren’t real enough to call premonitions. But when they do happen it’s like dejavu

  3. my grand ma works at powsers one day before her vkashson i had a piturch of a santa like person he was thin and tall. I said to her do not go in to the gardon he therw a 9mm ruvover the same thing hapinedthis in uicak rite next to a repair shop across form the air port

  4. So i have dreams and i have these lifelike dreams about like games and so fast forward 10 to possibly 30 days and ill have that same conversation same spot same time and every time it happens i say: hol up i had a dream about this… and then the dreams stop for at least 5-6 months till the next one happens.

  5. That happend with me i dreamed that i was on the grass and someone speaking and trees and today it was the same thing with the same position

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