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Top 10 Scary Homes You Should Never Move Into – Part 2
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I live alone you guys how many times do i have to say this, I’m a smoll but fierce woman who lives alone and reading all these scary home stories is just not good for my psyche, my anxiety, my being, just my being. But its lowkey fun isn’t it. Like a guilty pleasure thats gonna hurt me. The other night I came home from a night out and i have OCD so i triple check everything’s locked and off before I leave the house, i came back and the door was already unlocked and then every single scary house story i read was just flashing into my mind and i was like I’m gonna get hurt in my sleep tonight. Its fact. Clearly i didn’t since I’m here hosting this so, here are the Top 10 Scary Homes You Should Never Move Into – Part 2.

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  1. I was enjoying the vid until that pic of the person crawling up the stairs. Now I’m paranoid and terrified a girl is gonna crawl into my room

  2. Hi I’ve watched every movie that I’ve been able to get ahold of based on the Amityville Horror house and the Haunted House on Haunted Hill yeah those are my two favorites glad to see you got them on this at least one on this list

  3. Damn! How am I supposed to pay any attention to the video when ya look like that?! Gorgeous..and, you live alone? I find that hard to believe. Somewhere, there’s a VERY lucky guy!

  4. My life’s a constant up and down. It went and also stayed down between the ages 6 and 19, went up again after I was finally able to leave school behind and got a job, plummeted into the depths of hell while I was in a relationship in 2013 but once I got out of that it went up again and since then had stayed on a moderate level.

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