Top 10 Scary Coma Stories
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People say being in a coma is one of the worst possible things you could go through, you’re awake and can understand what people are saying but you cant move, speak, respond anything. A prisoner in your own body. For some people that wasn’t even the worst part of their coma, so lets get into it. This is the Top 10 Scary Coma Stories.

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  1. I just love the new ad campaign YouTube started. 3 ads through a ten minute video. Cheers to you YouTube?

  2. I too have a weird coma fear due to my claustrophobia. I always figured I was just odd but maybe it’s not that weird. Nice one Ayman.

  3. Isn’t nr 2 the story which the movie “The Vow” is based on? Sounds a lot like that movie except for the children.

  4. I had to go to a&e for a serious migraine. I had blacked out and was unresponsive, technically meaning I was in a coma. Time went so fast; I couldn’t believe it. I woke up 4 hours later but it felt like a 10 minute power nap.

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