Top 10 Real Gateways To Hell You Should Never Visit
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I actually loved scripting this. I like a healthy dose of mysticism I really do! Welcome back to the mAT10! I am your host Rebecca Felgate but for one video only you can call me Rebecca Heck Gate because I am a demoooon and we’re talking Top 10 Real Gateways To Heck You Should Never Visit

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  1. Lemme give you something!!!

    If you flash your light,
    It will grab your neck,
    If you open your eyes,
    In 3:00 am,
    It will grab your leg
    If you start praying,
    It will grab you under the bed,
    The only thing you need to do is,
    Do *NOTHING*

  2. Rebecca hell is real and don’t wait until your dead and in hell to find that out! Repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and savior!

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