Top 10 Scary Voices That Will Keep You Up At Night
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Its time to return to a classic kind of scary video. Its not gonna be anything complex or something you’ve never heard of – its going to be primitive – its the scary sound of someones voice. As you probably know from any good horror movie, the power of scary voice can send chills up your spine – even a single word can turn the most harmless situation into your worst nightmare. I’ve been looking around online and I’ve found the best examples there is to offer. Seriously, I was glad I was in a room with other people when I listened to these voices, if you’re alone or if you’re watching this at night before you go to bed. You have been warned. Maybe go and watch a Dumbest Tweets video right after this if you want to cheer yourself up. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Voices That Will Keep You Up At Night.

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  1. Only one that scared me was #9. That was the sound, of the south tower collapsing, and you heard someone die in it.

  2. When your in the room beating your meat and you hear footsteps of someone about to enter your room and it’s one of your folks…… that’s a scary sound

  3. As I recall, the man who called Art Bell admitted that his call was a hoax and the power outage was a coincidence.

  4. I’ve heard the phonautograph recording several times, and that’s by far the most cleaned-up version I’ve ever heard. You can almost understand the singer!

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