Top 10 Scary Facebook Dark Secrets
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29% of all people alive right now use Facebook right now – that means more than 1 in 4 people. Its become almost inescapable aspect of modern life – many people actually say they don’t particularly like Facebook, its just convenient. Its waning popularity might have something to do with the scandals and dark secrets that have been revealed along its 14 year history. Lets look at 10 of the most shocking. My name is Danny Burke, this is the Top 10 Dark Facebook Secrets.

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  1. When i created a fb account 8 years ago it was all good until I stopped using it after those data scandals and all that

  2. i’m sure it’s all spelled out in the terms and conditions we all agree to but no one ever reads. they bury it on the pages and pages of writing

  3. I few years ago when Facebook crashed for a few hours my brother had panick attack and was in the ER…..

  4. Good job Danny I liked the video. You did put more detail in the Stories like Rebecca Felgate. Keep up the Stories! 😀

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