Top 10 Scary Last Words From Airplane Crashes
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They say that there are three things in life that are certain. Sadly, passing away is inevitable and there is no way of predicting when your last moment on Earth will be. That was a clip of Paul Walker just minutes from his untimely demise. He had no idea that he was about to enter a car that would end his life. So, as the saying goes, don’t take life for granted.

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  1. I wouldn’t say this was near death but really scary. About 1 year ago I was just chilling in the living room, talking to my brother and my dad and my dad went to go into his room. As I followed him to talk I felt suddenly dizzy. I had felt this before, I feel this occasionally at random points and see dots and feel dizzy. This was worse. I knew water was how to get rid of it, but I fell to the ground, sat up, and beg-cried for water. My dad quickly grabbed a Gatorade and I drank 2 whole bottles of water right after because I felt way too dizzy to even talk, let alone walk. I still feel this, and I don’t know why I do, but I try to drink more water to stop it (it still happens either way). Anybody wanna help, seeing as I’ve written this much and might as well write this lol

  2. The scariest moment in my life is too dark to speak about as of now but definitely a second to that one and actually i thought I was going to die that day. (Im a friend of the person whose account this is, this happened to me but she was there as well) we were at a rabbit show and basically I fell. I started having a seizure. A bunch of people there happened to have some sort of medical training or basic knowledge and turned me over (this is done so that someone having a seizure doesn’t choke on their own tongue, as it will roll back down the throat, and also can cut off blood circulation until the seizure is over, which can cause brain hemorrhage(I’m pretty sure that’s what it causes)) but anyway, I remember waking up in a puddle of vomit and as they started to fill me in on what happened I went down and seized again. This happened one more time, and they got me up into a chair (I was confused as to why I was suddenly on the floor and then in a chair and why everyone was standing around me and how people knew I was gonna throw up) but by then the stretcher was there and I was loaded up but on the way out of the mall I became unconscious, but didn’t seize, but I was yelling out and called my friend’s aunt(whom I was with,) mom and was crying but I don’t remember any of this. Im a junior member of the fire department so I’ve seen this a lot before but having it happen to me was terrifying

  3. I love your channel and your videos, but I think it was kind of in poor taste to show audio recordings from the crashes.

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