Top 10 Scary Caves That Should Never Have Been Explored
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Humans have a complex relationship with caves. On the one hand, they have often provided us with shelter from the elements or predators that want to eat us – they were our first natural houses. However, they’re also dark places which can hide things that will keep you up at night. Most people avoid these kind of caves for their whole lives, but the ones that venture in have returned with some horrifying stories. Here are 10 of the best. My name is Danny Burke, this is the Top 10 Scary Caves That Should Never Have Been Explored.

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  1. actually “Sibyl” were divine oracles. Their powers originate from the Oracle of Delphi and Pessinos ( Delphi was an oracle who is said to breathe volcanic gas everyday ). Sibyls also wrote the Sibylline books, a collection of prophecies. The Sibyl and the Oracles of Delphi and Pessinos dont have a relation to the underworld or Hades, but rather they have a connection to Apollo the god of the sun and prophecies.

  2. There was this school trip to this park that has cave in the surrounding, I was around 11 (that was the top age for students). Children found alive snake. Huge snake. Park keeper was around and killed it. No one was injured, just scared af.

  3. This cave we went to in Idaho at the end of July this year, there is a devil’s office in the cave, which is very deep hole in the cave nobody can get into. It’s called Minetonka cave.

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