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Top 10 Reasons Why 2018 Was the Worst
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So, what do you think? Was this a terrible year or what? For this list, we’re taking a look at the events, trends and tragedies that made 2018 an especially difficult year for us all to get through. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Reasons Why 2018 Was the Worst.

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10. Crumbling Infrastructure
9. Brett Kavanaugh’s Divisive Confirmation
8. Trump Tariffs
7. The Jamal Khashoggi Case
6. The AltRight
5. The Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash
4. Dangerous Mail

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  1. Hello mr. Trump…
    You think climate change is a conspiracy? Allow me to pay for a first class ticket to one of the places where nature strikes back without mercy… Stay there for a few days when such a even I mean… Myth takes place and if you survive allow me to ask again,
    What was climate change again? Sorry I missed it 🙂
    The fact were all gonna die is no secret… The fact we leave our future offspring to deal with the disasters we created is simply unheard-of…
    I’m not saying in any way, Shape, Or from I’m loving the green life…
    But if even 1% of the army funding would be used for something to counter this… we might actually stand a chance to make progress… A process like that require time… Which mind you is running out :/
    Don’t think for even a second our technology is nearly half as advanced enough to counter what could only be described as “God’s wrath” so to speak… Heck we’ve yet to truly begin…
    Wake up call will come no moment sooner as when the end of days is neigh… Which is just sad… We’re supposed to be the smartest animals ever yet we’re all so focused on the here and now we lose track of the long term Damage because we’re not here to witness the end… We just leave our future offspring to clean the mess we’ve been causing from the moment we set foot on the soil which is now our land…
    Makes you wonder if Intelligence really is worth it…
    Intelligence is what kills us…
    As we live in the present and the past but the future is like a blank page… No need reading what hasn’t been relevant…

  2. 2018 wasn’t bad. Just dont watch the news regarding Trump or people bitching about Trump and you’ll be fine.I don’t watch the news or the assholes(Democrats & Republic) that make up our politics in the US, so I never heard of Number 9.

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