Top 10 Reasons Why Bill Maher Is Hated
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This controversial figure says what’s on his mind, and not everybody appreciates that. From his controverisal remarks on 9/11, his sexist comments and his intolerance, Bill Maher is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. WatchMojo counts down ten reasons Bill Maher is hated.

#10: His 9/11 Remarks on “Politically Incorrect”
#9: Sexist Comments
#8: Providing a Platform to Questionable Guests
#7: He Often Crosses Over from “Politically Incorrect” Into Shock Jock Territory
#6: He Takes Himself too Seriously
#5: He’s Intolerant
#4: Zero Humility, but Plenty of Arrogance
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. no video /audio of any actual quotes? why? we cant see or hear him say anything that you claim in your video why?

  2. Watchmojo didn’t really get this segment right and what they call big government is a universal duh in the rest of the developed world.

  3. He “hit’s a new low” when he invites someone who people, like, REALLY disagree with… clearly he’s an asshole!

  4. I’m from Germany so what do I know… but having petitions set up to can a white guy for saying the n word on a comedy show? Why? Others make millions with that word. Is there a time when a white dude can say the n word? As long as it is clear that no one is being harmed by the use of the word, shouldn’t it be ok? In Germany there’s a similar word that is still offensive. Ignorant people say it but I think the people in Germany(and other countries) would understand its context in a joke. South Park used that word uncensored and I don’t think that anyone wanted the show canceled – but again… what do I know I’m from Germany ? 😂

  5. Bill makes jokes and says things about white people or men… that’s ok…. but he cannot makes jokes or say things about non whites males or disabled people… now that’s real entitlment.

  6. If i may, are the things he says shocking and all that or has the ears of the country become way too brittle?

  7. this could’ve been titled why Trump is hated and pretty much all points would still be correct

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