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Top 5 Reasons Why Video Game Movies Always Fail
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Why can’t these movies ever be as awesome as their source material? Whether it’s Tomb Raider, Warcraft, or Alone in the Dark, video game film adaptations are almost universally bad, and we’re about to tell you why. WatchMojo counts down the top reasons video game movies fail.

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#5: They Adapt Either Too Much or Too Little of the Source Material
#4: They Make M-Rated Games Into PG-13 Movies
#3: Plot is Not Faithful to the Source Material
#2, #1???

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    • I don’t play videogames.
      I only watch the movies.
      So, I don’t care if they are different from the source material.
      I never care.

    • Those are movies about video games and movies based on video games. Totally different things.

  1. Good points. I’ve always liked the first 3 resident evil films and mortal kombat though. Even without the gore of the games it still did a good number of things right for most fans. Has a cult following

  2. To its credit, Rampage’s strength as a film are negatives on this list. The movie is PG-13 however more violent than the games before. The story is original to the film, loosely working on bare bones from the game (in name only?) however it does work very well in the narrative versus the game’s structure of evil corporate companies products transforming humans into random animal monsters.
    There’s a lot of good stuff working for Rampage, making it a rare and slight example of when these things work. Let’s not forget it released 2-3 weeks after the featured Tomb Raider here.

  3. What about Deadpool? Vid game first came out before the movie. It didn’t fail though. Plus the movie isn’t pg 13

  4. I guess showing the Witcher you didn’t knew it was an adaptation to movie that was based on the book (and all 3 game, books and movie) are made by Polish so as it’s easy to change language in game no many watch Polish movie with subtitles (there is TV series too, plaid by same actors as in movie) worth the watch

  5. Biased opinion is biased, quite a few video game films have done wonderfully in the box office, they only show the flops in this video.

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