There are many planned obsolescence products on the market today – meaning, these products are built NOT to last. From cars to lightbulbs to textbooks to pantyhose, there are countless shameless examples of consumer items being engineered to fail. WatchMojo counts down ten products designed with planned obsolescence in mind.

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00:35 #10: Refrigerators
01:30 #9: Video Games
02:29 #8: Pantyhose / Tights
03:17 #7: Textbooks
04:15 #6: Light Bulbs
05:13 #5: Televisions
06:14 #4: Cars
07:03 #3, #2 & #1???

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    • I always build my own computers. Just replace the fans when they die and it will last as long as you need it to. I have never made a computer that have died on me yet. I usually build a new pc every 5 to 7 years just to keep up with my games. To keep the prices for components down I like to buy them when their price have stopped dropping. You should try it for your next one, tons of good tutorials on how to pick good components and how to assemble. Cheaper to 🙂

    • Thats because of the prize. I had a pc assembled at a good local store. But from the start I had problems. And after almost 2 years a fire. The videocard was almost burned and the computer didn’t work at all any more. This time Windows warning was right. But how often Windows give wrong warnings ? But then the real pain the ass begun.
      First it was the videocard and then the motherboard. Replacing a newer and better type videocard was not the solution. Finally after a long time I got it back. With paying extra money for a better videocard. I had still to go 6 months before it was 3 years old and then I was looking for a new one. They even had not the promised monitor.
      Its all about profit. I now have a mac mini almost 3 years. Its getting old but it was perfect. At least it works 2-3 years.
      In the early days things were tested. But now if you buy something it can be (half) broken and you have to prove that you did not something wrong.
      They start to say with: it is your own fault. Its hilarious what you have to do sometimes to get your right.
      And cheap things are not always bad.

  2. i have a mac thats over four years old that was a bit fucked when i got it so it got serviced for free several times .A new ssd to replace the hard drive made it like new and im getting new ram for it too.You dont have to change your mac every two years and considering the price of a mac book pro it makes sense to look after and customize the one you have .Also i dont like the latest mac book pros so im going to look after my current one and make it last as long as i can

  3. my laptop, i’ve had for over 4 years and it still works, banged u pa bit yeah, but it still works. not counting viruses anyway

  4. everything from iMac. Absolute crap. And if you think imac is so great…notice how the first thing everyone does is put Windows on it instead

  5. A bunch of these don’t apply to DIY. People have exploited the ignorance of others since time began. Fixing most of these wouldn’t run more than 30 dollars with a general PC upgrade being the most expensive running at around 40-280 depending on the part.

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