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Top 5 Reasons PUBG is the BIGGEST Game of 2017 Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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  1. out of all the games you compare pubg to, you compare it to “Dayz” and “Rust” yes they’re both survival shooters but they aren’t specifically “Battle Royale” games which is what pubg is and H1Z1 and Fortnite, compare it to those games and do your proper research watchmojo

  2. Yah I don’t know about that I would say that, the top 10 games of the year so far for me would be.
    1.Resident Evil 7 9/10 Game of the Year contender
    2.Nier Automita 9/10 Game of the Year contender
    3.Zelda Breath of the Wild 9/10 Game of the Year contender
    4.Horizon Zero Dawn 9/10 Game of the Year contender
    5.Middle Earth Shadow of war 8/10
    6.Fire Emblem Warriors 8/10
    7.South Park the Fractured but whole 8/10
    8.Nioh 8/10
    9.CupHead 8/10
    10.Hellblade Senua’s sacrifice 7/10
    I judge a game by the story, impact on the community, graphics, animation, polish, bugs and or glitches, replay ability, campaign, value, and length of the game. So a game with no story, o.k graphics, some polish, some bugs and glitches, and no campaign about a 5/10, no were near high enough to make it on the list, all of my top ten didn’t score less than an 7/10.

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