Top 10 Reasons Why 2017 Was the WORST
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And you thought 2016 was bad. From questionable celebrity role models, to the Robert Mueller probe, to the North Korean nuclear test, these are the events and individuals who made 2017 the absolute worst. WatchMojo counts down ten reasons why 2017 was the WORST!

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#10: Questionable Celebrity Role Models
#9: Robert Mueller Probe
#8: Immigration Ban
#7: Fentanyl Overdoses
#6: North Korean Nuclear Test
#5: Mass Shootings in the United States
#4: Tragedy Struck the UK
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. No comments about other countries’ politics (I think).
    The 99.9% of comments about politics talk about USA and (mostly) nobody cares other countries. Nice.

  2. Just wanna note on number 8…. that list of countries they banned was a list that trump took directly from Barak Obama. And also all politicians are dirty Trump and Hillary alike.

  3. in terms of the public eye yeah its all been scandals this year, 2016 was worse though. how many legends died was unreal and trump as president. what a roller coaster of a year, damn…

  4. 10:08 I also hate it when peaceful right-wing protestors are attacked by violent leftists and Antifa scum. It’s the fucking worst. Although, there was that guy with the car who killed three people.

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