Top 10 Most Extremely Dangerous Dinosaurs
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These creatures spelled nothing but doom. From the stegosaurus, to the mapusaurus, to the Utahraptor, we wouldn’t want to come face to face with these baddies. WatchMojo counts down ten EXTREMELY dangerous dinosaurs.

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#10: Stegosaurus
#9: Mapusaurus
#8: Utahraptor
#7: Carcharodontosaurus
#6: Majungasaurus
#5: Spinosaurus
#4: Ankylosaurus
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. People in the comments acting like they are dinosaur experts and were apparently alive when dinosaurs were so they know it all.

  2. “in short that means majungasauruses don’t even mess with majungasauruses” actually that is proof that majungasauruses did mess with other majungasauruses lol

  3. I Disagree With The Tyrannosaurus Because All That It Did Was Look For Free Food Lying On The Ground That An Other Dinosaur Killed. I Mean Yes, It’s Really Strong And Can Almost Kill Anything It Wants. However, Most Of The Time It Didn’t Kill Anything.

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