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There are actually unnecessary body parts we can live without. Whether it’s the tonsils, armpit hair or the pinky toe, or weird muscles like the subclavius or palmaris longus muscle, there are some vestigial organs and parts that the human body can live without. WatchMojo counts down ten body parts that serve little to no purpose.

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00:23 #10: Tonsils
01:10 #9: Subclavius Muscle
01:53 #8: Underarm Hair
02:42 #7: Palmaris Longus Muscle
03:33 #6: Foreskin
04:28 #5: Fifth or Pinky Toe
05:07 #4: Auricular or Auriculares Muscles
05:52 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  2. Everyone is a female before being born, that’s why men have nipples even though they are useless

  3. I actually use the pinky toe, and probably use the other two muscles quite a bit. (To where I put holes in my shoe with my pinky toe as I use that section of my feet so much for spinning.)

  4. Define “need”. Technically there are tons of body parts you don’t “need” in order to survive.

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