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Don’t miss WatchMojo LIVE on May 31st. Visit starting at 2 PM to check out all the action!And you thought your parents were strict! These are the countries that have strict regulations when it comes to video games; the ones that censor or otherwise ban video games for reasons ranging from violence & sexual content, all the way to blasphemy & depictions of the country in a less-than-positive light. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Countries That Censor Video Games!

00:31 #10. New Zealand
01:11 #9. South Korea
02:01 #8. China
02:51 #7. Saudi Arabia
03:37 #6. United Arab Emirates
04:23 #5. Brazil
05:09 #4. Germany
05:47 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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    • well, im from venezuela, and you guys are right about the scensorship. i remember that when call of duty black ops was realised and i was going to buy it, the tenant was selling me that like it was cocaine or something worse. he didnt even give receipt. and mercenaries 2 wasn tottally banned.
      still the police in here its so corrupted to the core, that you can even see them playing COD sometimes

      also, if the onu its going to sent some kind of strike team so they can arrest Nicolas Maduro and Diosdado Cabello tell them pls to HURRY THE FUCK UP. WE CANT TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE. THIS DICTATOR AND HIS HIS DRUGFRIEND MUST GO DOWN

    • Taban ustedes chiquitos cuando yo contrabandeaba juegos de violencia. Sin embargo, de verdad en los ultimos 3 años ya no le he tenido que hacerlo. La Ley esta y en su momento fue una ladilla pero claramente ahora mismo hay otras cosas mas importantes, lo ultimo que prohibieron fueron mascaras, cascos y blah blah blah

    • de verdad sin ofender ni nada pero a ti te qitaron algo? porq mi primo compro black ops 3 hace como 1 semana y no se lo qitaron en aduana. Por eso pregunto, estas seguro que vivimos en el mismo pais?

    • Pendejo eres tu! que no le paran es una vaina pero la ley esta. Ve y comprate un juego por Amazon para que veas que en Aduana se lo quedan. You’re a fucking asshole … pussy frenchy

  2. Movies are much better and much more enjoyable than video games. But hey, each to their own

  3. God Australia makes no sense.
    We get an R18+ rating on games, and then it barely makes a difference because if it’s still too violent or sexual for the governments liking, which is kind of weird because how do you go higher than R, then it just gets banned.
    I remember Hotline Miami 2 getting released, banned down here, and the devs themselves were just all like “You know what, go ahead and pirate it if you want, Aussies. That’s just fucking silly.”

    Funnier still when some of the banned content is on steam. While we can’t access it, we can get others in America or something to gift it to us and it’s perfectly fine and u censored. My Saints Row IV has all the butt stuff I need!

  4. thanks India and Canada for not restricting any games
    played all kind of FPS shooters when i was a teen in India

    • add Indonesia to that, i recently see a 5 year old playing CS:GO somewhere in my local gamestop

  5. soo Australia is high on the list cause we are a 1st world country which tries to censor unnessesary sex scenes which younger children may see, which may lead to rapes? censorship in Australia is justifiable.

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