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Wondering what happens to your body after you die? Seriously? In today’s list we’re asking questions like; how quickly does your body decompose? what are the stages of decomposition? what is embalming? do bodies decompose quicker in the forrest? What the hell happens when you get topped? and many more!

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  1. The very first age restricted and warning pop up I’ve seen on a Watchmojo video ever.  This is natural process after death and should not be censored.  If dealt with honestly and nonthreatening it should not elicit fear.  Heck during my EMT training we toured the local morgue.  Why?  So that we would not be repulsed at the sight of a dead body.

  2. 2:33 Is that a man or a woman??? Because If It’s a woman then that’s just wrong WatchMojo! You can show boobs when a woman Is going under the knife, but If the woman Is alive you’ll block It with your WatchMojo sign??? That’s just wrong!

  3. Interesting that I see this today. I saw (and had to handle) a dead body for the first time today and I was wondering about the decomposition process and which stages I would see in the 3-4 hours before the cadaver was taken away. After I freaked out anyway.

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