Top 10 Biggest Fake News Stories
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These completely fabricated stories surprisingly managed to convince very large audiences. From Planet Nibiru destroying earth, to RuPaul accusing Trump of sexual misconduct, to the infamous Balloon Boy, these insane stories were pretty persuasive. WatchMojo counts down the ten biggest fake news stories.

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#10: Protester Was Paid To Protest Trump Rally
#9: Planet Nibiru Set to Destroy Earth
#8: RuPaul Accuses Trump Of Sexual Misconduct
#7: Woman Poops on Boss’ Desk after Winning the Lottery
#6: Balloon Boy
#5: FBI Agent in Clinton Email Leaks Dies in Murder-Suicide
#4: Pope Francis Endorses Trump
#3, #2 & #1???

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    • I believe in pizzagate because it’s a documented fact that HRC’s former chief of staff Tamera Luzatto (the lady in the Podesta emails who sent him kids for “entertainment” at a pool party) had a blog in which she pimped out a 6 month old baby for “raw and uncut” online time. So now what?

    • From:[email protected] To: [email protected] Date: 2015-09-03 18:17 Subject: man, I miss you

      The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii…

      Does Podesta actually own a hotdog stand in Hawaii? Sounds like a male prostitution ring to me. Also, look up Alex Podesta and search images… Search archives of JimmyComet’s instagram, his circle of friends, followers and comments.

    • MAYBE YALL SHOULD STOP BEING BIAS.. AND HOW IS #PIZZAGATE fake news? There is plenty of evidence.. SMH y’all are sad.

    • Martin Luther King Jr. He didn’t even mention it, only you brought it up desperation, because you couldn’t help yourself to not go after someone who hasn’t even brought it up as if it was factual. Lol

    • Carlo Gagliano You might as well unsubscribe now, because anyone who can rub two brain cells together knows it was utter bullshit spewed by many propagandists, including Alex Jones.

  1. Anyone who doesn’t think #pizzagate and #pedogate is a thing has never spent a minute looking further into it.

  2. Pizza gate is Real not fake news you guys just lost me I will be on screen subscribing to your channel

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