Top 10 Anime You Didn’t Know Had Live-Action Adaptations
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We all know about Death Note, Dragon Ball Evolution, Ghost in the Shell, and other terrible anime adaptations – but what about these more obscure ones? In this list we’re counting down some of the best, strangest, and worst anime live-action movies and tv series, from Japan and elsewhere in the world. Expect the likes of Terraformars, Prison School and Dragon Ball The Magic Begins, to appear along the way!

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#10. “Erased” (2016)
#9. “Another” (2012)
#8. “Mirai Nikki AnotherWorld“ (2012)
#7. “Great Teacher Onizuka” (1998)
#6. “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (2003-04)
#5. “Kaiji” series (2009-11)
#4. “Assassination Classroom” series (2015-16)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. Not sure if its not remembered anyone more but Crying Freeman had a live adaption too. Was famous at the time for about a week until Goldeneye came out.

  2. i still say that dragon ball one is better than dragon ball evolution. at least, it was faitful to the source material

  3. I now want to see the Assassination Classroom movie! Also, I can’t remember that damn boy’s name from the Kaiji movie and the other one here but I swear I see him a lot. Battle Royale and the initial Death Note movies were my starting points. Because of this, since I saw the first Death Note movie first, I’ve never learned his name…he’s just been Light Yagami to me and I call him that no matter what he’s in, lol.

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