Top 5 Reasons Anime Should NEVER Be Adapted to Hollywood
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With failures like Dragon Ball Evolution, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, and Speed Racer, it makes you wonder why the hell they keep doing this. Well, here’s five things JJ Abrams should keep in mind when he adapts Your Name into a live action film. Whitewashing, production nightmares, crap scripts, its all here – so stand with us as we cower in fear at how bad the Akira and Battle Angel Alita movies are going to be…

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  1. I think the Japan adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin was really good. It’s the only anime to RL that I could stand watching.

  2. All my friends have watched death note the Netflix version and talk about it like it’s such a good movie and I am just like bruh you don’t even know it is an anime but if I told you would think it’s

  3. I actually liked the Netflix Deathnote. It was a different take on the series. Some of the major points in the anime were removed and it made it feel different. The same charm as Deathnote but this time we have someone named Light Turner instead of Light Yagami. So i watch it keeping in mind this protagonist is NOT Light Yagami. (it is actually quite enjoyable if you can get past that factor)

    As for Dragonball. Beyond how bad the movie is, what Really annoys me is all the fanboys who complain that Goku is not Asian. He never was. Sure his saiyan heritage was not discovered until DBZ, but that does not change te fact that e was never asian to begin with.

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