Top 10 Celebrities Who Campaign Against AIDS
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These celebrities are helping to make HIV/AIDS a disease of the past. From Ellen DeGeneres to Lady Gaga and Madonna, many stars are using their platform to raise awareness and find a cure for this disease. WatchMojo is counting down the celebrities leading the fight against AIDS.

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#10: Ellen DeGeneres
#9: Joan Rivers
#8: Bill Clinton
#7: Lady Gaga
#6: Madonna
#5: Alicia Keys
#4: Magic Johnson
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Tfw you never watch WatchMojo videos anymore but you see this particular one in your sub box and it has SUCH a bland and ‘out of ideas’ feel to it that you cant help but say something

  2. Didn’t watch the video, just wanted to stop by and say your thumbnail of Lady GaGa reminds me of the nurse from South Park Elementary that had the undeveloped fetus attached to her head. Lol.

  3. Ugh some people…
    if they (celebrities) do something good its because they want attention if they don’t they are selfish assholes. how can anyone please u?
    Jesus, it seems to me a lot of you are seriously envious by simply wasting time watching this video in the first place..
    wasn’t the title of the video a good enough clue? if u don’t like the content, don’t watch it :))
    Or better yet get a life and do something good in the world for a change!

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