Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Richer Than You Think

The richest celebrities aren’t always the most obvious of choices! The thought of a celebrity magician being one of the richest: is that fact or fiction? On top of that, people like Rowan Atkinson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ray Romano are much richer than you would think! Also on this list is a famous celebrity doctor, a former rap legend, a legendary radio personality, a celebrity judge, and even a host of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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00:58 #10. Ray Romano
02:08 #9. Julia LouisDreyfus
03:28 #8. Master P
04:43 #7. Rowan Atkinson
06:00 #6. Howard Stern
07:21 #5. Dr. Phil McGraw
08:30 #4. Judge Judith Sheindlin
10:08 #3, #2, & #1. ?????

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  1. Julian Casablancas is worth over 10 billion dollars. He owns Elite Modeling
    Agency, Cover Girl Cosmetics, Cult Records, has his own Sirius XMU station,
    and makes 189 million dollars a year with his bands The Strokes and The
    Voidz. And he’s the only one who is down to Earth and very humble. Just to
    name a few things he owns.

  2. 9:20 — “Judge Judy” makes $47 million per year, has been doing the show
    for 21 years, and her net worth is *only* $200 million???
    Even if you’re buying tons of “stuff” (houses, cars, etc.) all of that
    would go towards your net worth; what the hell are you doing with your
    money, burning it?

  3. Right, so it’s completely obvious that Jerry Seinfeld is worth the same as
    Copperfield? Nice background check, guys.

  4. I think Ashton Kutcher should be on this List. 750k per Episode on Two and
    a half Man and hes a early Uber Investor.

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