Avengers: Infinity War Trailer BREAKS Record for Most Views in a Day – The CineFiles Ep. 49
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This week’s episode of The CineFiles isn’t short of huge movie news! Ridley Scott wasted no time in removing and replacing Kevin Spacey in his latest movie, All the Money in the World with the iconic Christopher Plummer. The reshoots alone are said to have cost upwards of $10 million! Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird became Rotten Tomatoes’ best reviewed movie of all time, with an impressive 100% rating from 179 reviews. And of course, the big one, the first trailer to Avengers: Infinity War dropped, showcasing some pulse-pounding action. Sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s instalment of The CineFiles, where we count down to week’s biggest news in cinema.

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  1. The ship at the end of thor:ragnarok is in fact thanos and the order they intercept the asguardians and lay waste to the occupants aboard. Thor and Hulk are over powered
    by the order black dwarf is who fights thor and pummels him into deep space and Maw handles the hulk with black magic and in doing so Thanos enters the ship and stands before
    loki and says you’ve honored our agreeement and loki hands the Tesseract to him he breaks it open and reveals the gem inside and raises his gauntlent and the gem is pulled
    into it like a magnet then sees Banner and Teleports him to earth with a message to the avengers “you will know what it’s like to lose” then disbands his Order has Proxima
    and Glave head to get the mind stone and they fail to retrive it Glave just damages the stone so they fail and return to thanos empty handed and he isn’t happy so captain and them bring vision to wakanda to repair vision and the stone so Black Dwarf is sent to Wakanda instead with the creatures to acquire the stone from vision thanos needs and Maw Glave and proxima tracks down Heimdall who fled the ships
    invasion to a nearby planet to hide because he in fact holds the final stone (soul gem) so Banner lands in Stranges Sanctorum and banner relays what just happened and all
    that is going on unable to change into the hulk because of Maws black magic strange tells him to go to wakanda and help stop the incoming invasion and banner agrees so he
    rebuilds the hulkbuster to use for the protection of wakanda. The magic wears off and he’s able to change to Hulk during the climax of the fight. Now back to strange he
    assembles Iron man and Spider-Man to go to this nearby planet and help protect and retrive heimdall and to see what “threat” is coming .. now Thor is floating through space
    where the guardians find him and when they do they see the wreackage of Thors ship and he explains what happened and needs help getting to the nearby planet to help
    heimdall and stop thanos (gaurdians already know thanos so they know it has to be big) so they agree and take him there well when they get there they are looking
    around trying to find Heimdall and suddenly Strange and The others appear and they think they’re a threat so they begin fighting and thor eventually sees and stops them
    and explains that they’re friends and are herer for the same reason the maw appears and they start battling and while fighting Thanos teleports in starts destroying them
    and quill notices that he has the power gem and says “oh no”… then we cut to xandar where it’s completely gone nothing but reminents of rocks and inifinate space
    now to wakanda where the avengers have to defend him and they look defeated and it’s the end then to the planet where Stark strange and
    the rest are thanos demands Heimdall and instead of wasting anymre time looking for him he begins to destoy the planet pulling craters from space into it eventually just
    blowing it to bits with everyone seemiingly deafeated cut to black then onto the next avengers where thanos will acquire the rest of the stones to be continued

  2. Well, MARVEL has been cooking up all of the best Movies and TV series that it has to offer for as long as a full decade, so It’s no surprise why the Infinity War would break a record for the most views on a website, right?

  3. The only live-action comic book villain that managed to induce fear in its audience was The Joker from The Dark Knight. Since then not a single villain from any of the cinematic universe is actually intimidating.

  4. 3:21 is what you’re looking for. I don’t know what that mess before it is. Then again I feel dumber for watching this video.

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