Winding people up online is pretty much part of the parcel of digital life, but these people certainly took it way too far.

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    • SciFyerGaming that’s just clickbait. This list should’ve mentioned trolling in Minecraft and COD

    • Alltime10s racists, flat-earthers, and people who think pineapple belongs on pizza

    • Westboro Baptist Church is definitely the worst in my opinion. They use the church as a shield to do malicious shit that I don’t agree with. They aren’t Christians, they’re just bullies who use social media and the 1st Amendment to cause problems for people who are suffering losses. They should all be thrown in prison for their transgressions.

  1. How about Donald Trump? He has said some pretty horrific things in his life and on Twitter and social media. Remember the time he said about a TV news presenter Mika brzezinski that she’d had a botched facelift or the time he said that Megyn Kelly a news reporter was bleeding from her where ever or the time he mimicked and mocked a disabled reporter? Or when he called a Vietnam prisoner of war “not a hero because Heroes don’t get captured” even though he himself used his father’s wealth and fake medical reasons to dodge the draught and avoid serving and that man who was tortured for refusing to leave captivity is lower ranked comrades behind. Also his tweets and decision to relocate the US Embassy to Jerusalem caused mass protests in Gaza which the israelis responded to by shooting 48 people dead including an 8 month old baby which his White House blamed entirely on Hamas not a little bit entirely all because he gets massive contributions and Media support from Sheldon Adelson a rich Jewish American as if he actually cares about Israel at all and he’s cost lives, he’s a disgusting individual with the power to do much more harm than isolated mentally ill trolls and should be on the list I know you would lose a few subscribers but you would gain a huge amount of respect 👍✌️

  2. While making fun of the dead is incredibly despicable, I think JAILING someone for making a few videos on the internet is even more despicable and goes against freedom of speech. The UK and EU clearly don’t know what true freedom of speech means. I feel for the families that dealt with Sean Duffy’s shit, but he did nothing wrong in the grand scheme of things if all he did was post some internet videos.

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