What would warfare be without weapons? Well, not much and certainly more peaceful. But which weapon was the most influential?

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  1. While this list is good, notwithstanding the absence of planes (mentioned as an omission by others), we will in this century add several new entries. First will be (actually, already are) the slaughterbots and then, down the road, their hefty cousins, exoskeleton robotics for soldiers. This will eventually lead to full-fledged artificial intelligence soldiers and commanders.

    Comes next the one even further into the depths of science fiction: from mechanical energy (spears, bows and arrows, stones, trebuchets, and the like) to chemical energy (bullets, bombs, etc.), to atomic energy (fission and fusion bombs), we will move to quantum energy to wage war at its most extreme.

    Quantum bombs are down the road a few decades, and I will be dead by then, so it’s not my problem. Neither will be the enemy upon which such devices would have to be used.

  2. Some guns look awesome. Some look lame and ugly. But no matter the appearance or size. It only takes one shot to kill you.

  3. the whole concept of ” banning ” weapons in war is completely stupid. You think your enemy gives a f about laws and treaty’s when all they want to do is kill your face?

  4. Western civilization… Taking a basic invention and remastering it to dominate the planet.

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