Even before George Clooney proved how dangerous space travel can be, we knew that space travel is certainly not for the faint hearted!

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  1. Correction: John Glenn himself didn’t calculate anything regarding the retropack/heat shield during the mission — in fact, NASA telling him that he should leave the retropack attached was actually what alerted him of legitimate danger, as a single warning light is more likely to be a false or unimportant alarm.

  2. I’ve never understood percentage. Like 2% is supposed to be .02, but the way you write 2% is literally 2 0/0 wtf? How does 2 become .02 because of 0 out of 0?

  3. Such BS even you guys shouldn’t believe this you guys are my favorite Channel what happened to those conspiracies you contradict yourself and your Channel I’ve been a faithful follower for a long time but when you post crap like this it’s hard to stay with you guys no evidence of debris anywhere

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