Sometimes the most valuable treasures can be found in the stupidest of places. We’ve teamed up with Jack Whitehall to bring you 10 Lost Treasures Discovered in The Dumbest Places.

Make sure you check out Jack’s new show “Bounty Hunters” this October 25th on Sky One

Make sure you check out Jack’s new show “Bounty Hunters” this autumn on Sky1:

“Bounty Hunters” – Book-smart Brit Barnaby gets a worldly wake-up call when a deal goes bad and NYC tough girl Nina rocks up to help – with trouble not far behind. Brand new comedy with Jack Whitehall and Rosie Perez.

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  1. We were lucky enough to be able to team up with the amazing Jack Whitehall! What would you do if you found a haul of lost treasure?

  2. Y’all who think his voice is too quiet need to get the wax out their ears :v

    I legitimately find nothing wrong with his soft spoken voice

  3. Why didn’t you put subtitles here? Are you too f***ing lazy? I can’t understand a single thing.

  4. You really couldn’t do your research better and find that the rarest(and the most valuable) instrument in the world(worth around 900 million dollars), a Stradivarius tuba, was found in the hands of a street corner musician?

  5. You should smile more often and throw in some jokes next time. And your voice is soothing, which is totally inappropriate for an informative video. But then again, I’m only 13. What the hell do I know about this kind of stuff lol

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