The clock is ticking! Climatic change is rapidly altering the landscape of our planet. Join us in taking a look at 10 Places That Will Disappear In Your Lifetime.

Music= Taken by Barrie Gledden/ Chris Bussey, Sacrifice by Chris Blackwell, Lost Prophecies by Igor Dvorkin/Duncan Pittock/Ellie Kidd, Para Bellum by Igor Dvorkin/ Ellie Kidd

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  1. I can’t help but laugh at all the people saying shit about how Trump doesn’t believe in global warming… last time I checked Trump and The United States doesn’t control the global science community. Will our American scientists lose funding towards research of global warming? yes,most likely but that just means you need to pick up the slack till he’s gone…

  2. China’s wall isn’t gonna disapear it only going to be moved to the border of the old mehico and the US😂😂

  3. Hold up, if the Congo basin provides almost half the world’s oxygen and oxygen is really important to us, why dafuq are people breaking it down? I swear I don’t understand humans sometimes.

  4. Global warming is just the earth recycling itself. The earth warms up, then goes into an ice age. It’s been like that for millions of years.

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