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  1. It’s good to discuss SpiderMan flaws so the character can develop and I can understand why it must be shown to the fans. Because when the public demand the studio either choose to make a story interpreting the public desire or they choose to lose the interest of the ones that aren’t fans.
    Never the less, SpiderMan has been there since ’62 so it is reasonable to have this much of him.
    But I would love to see changes and development we haven’t had from Spidy

  2. Whats the problem with Peter and the women in his life? I mean maybe Mj and Gwen does look like súper models, but isnt always like that there is Ana María or whatever her name was (I know that that was otto and not Peter but still) she wasnt super hot but she was kinda cute and there also Silk, Carly Cooper, Betty Brandt nd Liz

  3. What about the MCU’s Spider-Man went they trying to make Tony Stark the new Uncle Ben

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