Mario Maker 2 has given players even more freedom to create challenging and creative levels for the community to play! Today we’re counting down the best Mario Maker 2 levels! Whether they are unique, challenging, or almost impossible, these are the greatest Mario Maker 2 levels we’ve played so far! What’s your favorite Mario Maker 2 level? Let us know in the comments!

Level codes:
10: R4F-7G2-7RG
9: HJY-KR1-Y8G
8: V4V-H12-JTF
7: FPX-M94-GSF
6: L48-XQD-KFG
5: P9V-QCM-7PF
4: 512-S2K-XXG
3: 5FQ-HX8-T1G
2: 6DK-1JL-L5G

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  1. Hey guys I just got this game and I think I made a REALLY hard level I want to see if anyone can beat. No invisible blocks or blind jumps just skill 953-DB8-SDF. Hope y’all can try it and GOOD LUCK

  2. Yo that TMNT swimming lvl totally should get the top spot! Holy shit someone made that lvl.!? Soooo much nostalgia!!!!

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