Who’s the BEST Spider-Man of all? Many actors have brought the Marvel webslinger to life, in both animation, live-action, and video games! But which is the ultimate wall-crawler? Let us know who YOU think pulled off the best portrayal of Spider-Man in the comments! Our list includes Tom Holland, Shameik Moore, Tobey Maguire, Yuri Lowenthal, Andrew Garfield, and more!

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Special thanks to our user Lionel Gilmore for suggesting this idea!

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  1. IDK, I really think Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman performance is underrated. The movies were terrible, so I can see how that overshadows his performance.
    You nailed it with the the Toby Maguire comment though. I think Garfield is the opposite of TM – excellent Spidey, poor Peter.

  2. Even if Maguire was #1 and Holland was #2, the rest of this list would still be utter garbage and out of order

  3. Tobey Magurie at number 2 and Josh Keaton at number 3? Look, I like the energy Tom Holland brings to the role, but you can *NOT* tell he’s the definitive Spider-Man. And if you’re including alternate versions of Spider-Man, how can you not include Nicholas Cage’s incredibly brooding performance as Noir Spider-Man in into the Spider Verse?

  4. While I respect other opinions, I think that josh Keaton’s Spectacular Spider-man is the definitive version of the character

  5. Obviously this is paid! Nobody would agree Tom Holland is better than Tobey Maguire come on!!!

  6. I understand why plenty of people are upset with how numbers 1 and 2 played out, but I think we can all agree that both of those actors are great in the role. Personally, I’m not sure which I would choose because the two have different takes on spider-man because their respective series have different tones. Each actor brings their own type charm to the adaptations and are great in them!

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