Why Are There So Many Captain Marvels?
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Oh Captains, our Captains! There have been many, many, MANY characters who have adopted the name Captain Marvel, both under Marvel and DC. For this explainer video, we’re breaking down the history of Captain Marvel to unpack the history of the name and the characters who have used it.

Superhero Origins: Shazam’s Captain Marvel –

Superhero Origins: Marvel’s Captain Marvel –

Superhero Origins: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) –

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  1. Here are a few Captain Marvel origin videos to keep you busy until Friday:
    Superhero Origins: Shazam’s Captain Marvel –
    Superhero Origins: Marvel’s Captain Marvel –
    Superhero Origins: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) –

    • Hey, WatchMojo, remember me? That’s right, the original suggestion maker; my user name is on your website, btw.

      Listen, I just finished watching this video, and learning about the many different types of Captain Marvel. I’d say that you forgot to mention his Filmation version who was teamed up alongside the tv superhero, Isis, named after the goddess of the elements, but then I remembered you did that in a previous video, so I’ll leave that.

      I want to change the subject, though, and ask you about the background music that you used throughout this video. I think it’s one of my favorite tracks. I heard it in most of your videos that uses this music, including the Wallace and Gromit Top 10 video for your UK channel. What, exactly, is the name of that music in the background of this, and most of your other videos? And how do I look it up?

    • 2:15
      You need to revise this. The name was not changed due to confusion. Marvel comics once again sued another promising company through cutthroat legal deals based on subjective copyright claims. Marvel Comics has a dark history of robbing competing publishers in anyway they can through the Copyright Act. “They claimed because the company brand name was Marvel, a hero from another company could not have the name Captain Marvel.” Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel did not exist at this point so it was not changed for confusion sake because that character didn’t exist yet.

  2. I liked captain marvel, so excited for Shazam, glad I’m not a snowflake who forces himself to choose like why? I wanna enjoy as many movies as I possibly can 😂

  3. Long story short, some shady legal dealings gave the name to marvel even though captain marvel predates marvel comics and the company that birthed them.

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