Top 10 Seriously Messed Up Superhero Romances
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Superhero romances are a dime a dozen, but these relationships are just plain weird. Whether it’s because the two characters simply shouldn’t be together or because of the nature of their relationships, these are the most messed up and downright weirdest relationships in comics.

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Top 10 Best Marvel Comic Couples:

Top 10 Couples in DC Comics:

List Rank and Entries
10: Cyclops & Emma Frost
9: Nightcrawler & Jimaine Szardos
8: Batgirl & Batman
7: Carol Danvers & Marcus Immortus
6: M.O.D.O.K. & Angela
5: Cyclops & Madelyne Pryor
4: Deathstroke & Terra
3, 2, 1: ?

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  1. How does dating someone adopted, not related by blood or really by any family (was a circus) give you the creeps?

  2. Wait, Angela is belong to Spawn’s Universe and got a crossed over to Marvel comics universe right? Or she’s exist in Marvel comics universe too?

  3. Batman and Batgirl isn’t creepy. Its employees in love with their bosses. Modok and Angela..Deathstroke & Terra….NOW THATS CREEPY!

  4. I always love cyclop and Emma stone,it kinda mess up,Scott summer will always be with Jean grey. Batman and Batgirl became a couple,it did happen in the killing joke though. Deathstroke and Terra as a couple,yeah,they did work together tried to take out the teen Titans,but failed!!!,,,I though scarlet witch was dating the vision. Harley Quinn and the joker,I love this comics book couple. Joker does abuse Harley Quinn,but he still love her though and she always called him “pudding”.

  5. Ultimate Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch is one were I really just wanna see them as (Siblings) and Wanda dating Vision only.

  6. 1. WM have you read any other Joker x harley comic aside from Mad Love? Sure they’re relationship is hella abusive there but there has been many other comics were he’s actually affectionate to her.Why do you always use the most abusive interpretation of it as an absolute source when talk about them?

    2. Their relationship is meant to be messed up. Harley isn’t always the victim, she had beated Joker’s ass a few times, she had even try to kill him and have done horrible crimes on her own will, so she ain’t a saint either.

    They’re the best match for each other in a really twisted way

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