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It’s the movie event of a generation, and we’ve all been waiting since 2018’s Infinity War to see what the conclusion of the Thanos saga will look like. Will Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel and all the rest of our favorite Avengers succeed in defeating evil, or will there be a dark end for our heroes. We’ll throw our predictions in the ring!

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  1. Maybe it shall be betty ross who defeats the mighty thanos? Anyone agree? Any takers? Hmm?

  2. I hope if captain marvel suck on box office, thanos will kill her on endgame to make sure there will be no crappy sequel

  3. I hope Captain Marvel is left on the cutting room floor with End Game, what I hear the actress is not even trying to act, she pretty much let this whole buiness of being the “said” next face of the MCU go to her head and everything she has been saying, I think has been really been killing her career as a movie actress, at least in my mind because I do not see how she can get away with such comments!

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