Superhero Origins: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
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The former Ms Marvel is one of comics’ most enduring and interesting heroes, and she’s finally being given a chance to shine on the big screen. Want to learn more about this classic Marvel character before she arrives in theaters? Look no further, true believers!

Learn more about the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell:

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  1. Yes, I wonder why these turds assume one would automatically know about these weird-ass characters. This, for example, is such a dumb character and it still makes not the slightest sense.

  2. I wouldn’t say “inspirable”. Especially in her comic run over the past four years. She’s been written as a shitty individual with no sense of right or wrong. Nearly killed Tony, compares a holocaust victim to 4chan trolls, demeans everyone around her, the list goes on.
    Before hand she also had a drinking problem and was a bit demented.
    Overall she was never an inspirable character.
    She’s not the female character Marvel should put on a high pedestal compared to Wonder Woman.

  3. I don’t understand why people hate the idea of her being captain marvel but im definitely seeing the movie after the last trailer they put out she’s such a bad ass.

  4. Outdated origin? So, every female hero has to start out as powerful these days (even before getting powers)?! That’s boring and it’s more interesting she started out as an ordinary woman that because a superhero. It makes her journey MORE heroic. Is Spider-man’s Origin outdated? He’s a below average boy that gains superpowers. *sigh.

  5. am I alone in thinking that Brie Larson was the wrong choice for this role? I don’t mean to belittle her, but she doesn’t give off a air of commanding respect or intimidation when she delivers her lines. I’ve seen the trailers and the word “meh” has escaped my lips twice. I know this is trying to be the new Captain America type hero, but when you got an actor who looks like she could fall over with a stiff breeze I question the choice of actor.

  6. I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch the movie, but with all the Conservatives complaining, I think I’ll give it a shot ?

    • It has nothing to do with American politics or gender; it’s the fact that Captain Marvel is not well regared amongst most comic book fans, but she is going to be the key to Avengers 4 and that is not sitting well with MCU fans. She’s coming into the middle of act 3 and she’s going to save the day, which could be problematic storywise.

  7. Brie Larson just has persistent look of condescension on her face in every role she takes. I don’t like her.

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